Tech Help

  • Install Microsoft ORCA MSI Tool
    Download the MS SDK from the below and install selecting on MSI Tools when prompted. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\10**\x86 and install Orca
  • Find MSI File Properties
    The below will generate a log file which will contain options for command line properties. Search the log file for ‘property(s) and property(c)’ To get just the properties, l for log, p for terminal properties, ! for flush each log line.
  • CMD using SLMGR for Windows License
    Check current license, detailed and concise Rearm activation trial, remaining Windows rearm count can be found in the current license info. Uninstall the product key of the current Windows edition Remove the product key from the registry Install product key Attempt online activation
  • WSL Check Distro Versions
    To show running distros. To show WSL versions. To change the WSL version.
  • Remove Windows Path From WSL 2 Distro
    Check current PATH variable You may see paths from your Windows setup such as “/mnt/c/Program Files/…..” WSL utilizes the file /etc/wsl.conf to configure its setup. Add the following settings to the file to ignore Windows path variable. For effect restart the WSL instance Or