Windows GPO CRUD

Create – green icon. Safe option. If this mapping or connection does not exist it will create it, otherwise it will do nothing.

Replace – red icon. It will create new objects but also destroy existing ones.

Update – yellow icon. Does not remove or destroy any objects. Creates the object if it does not exist. Updates existing objects.

Delete – red X. Delete the object.

Deploy/Enrol iPad With Workspace One

  1. Is device already managed? Navigate to Devices -> List View, then search by device name or serial number. Select the device -> MORE ACTIONS -> Delete Device to remove it.
  2. Add the device to a user account. Navigate to Accounts -> List View, then search and select the account to attach the device to. You can change Organizational Group at this point if user has no devices listed from MORE -> Change Organizational Group. Click ADD DEVICE. Scroll down to Message, click MESSAGE PREVIEW to view the QR code.
  3. On the iPad/device via the App Store install Intelligent Hub

  1. Open the app and scan the QR code to start the enrolment. Click save on Workspace One to save the device info.
  2. To add device profiles -> GROUPS & SETTINGS -> Groups -> Assignment Groups. Select the group/smart group and add the device to the group(s).

Workspace One Apple School Manager Token Renew

  1. Within Workspace One, navigate to Groups & Settings -> All Settings -> Devices & Users -> Apple -> Device Enrolment Program. Under Token see if it has expired.
  2. Within Apple School Manager, select Manage Servers, select the Server Name of your MDM server.
  3. Select Generate New Token -> Generate and Download Server Token.
  4. Back in Workspace One Device Enrolment Program click RENEW.
  5. Upload the new server token.
  6. Click the FETCH ALL DEVICES to sync.